Inside the Lines


About itl

Inside a crayon box is a New York skewed slightly to the right. Here, the color of your eyes determines your last name— your family, your clan. In the Blue family tree, problems are woven tight and delivered with a facetious smile.

One such crayon is Todd Blue, a young best-selling author shaped by a loveless childhood in the shadow of his abusive older sister. When she and her husband die, he is expected by family to care for her freshly traumatized child Rory Green.

Rory’s growing behavioral problems catch the attention of his teacher, and she calls for meetings with the famous author. Even with her best effort, the facts remain the same: Mr. Blue must raise a child from the sister that hurt him the most, and Rory must grow up in a school full of classmates who will never quite understand what he’s going through.

The author

Emma Cooper, AKA Chaotica, is a freelance illustrator, cartoonist, and writer. She moves between a variety of mediums and styles, both traditionally and digitally. Sometimes, the two marry together!



Fanwork of any kind is appreciated and will be held in my heart with the tightest grip. Contact me via @colorworlding, or @lovechaotica. I shout out fanart in Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall Break webtoon episodes!

It depends on who and what. I’m not a proshipper, nor do I support proshippers. This is not a safe space for MAPS, or any other language used to mean Minor Attracted Person. I will not condone or tolerate any ships between an adult and a minor. 

Because people are freaks and I don’t trust them, I have great reservation against any of the kids being shipped. I do understand and write about the existence of elementary playground crushes, but I also trust myself more than I trust the hands of the shipping communities.

Yes! I made a TOUR GUIDE for that reason. If it’s a premade OC you made entering Color World, they have to be wearing the NY shirt. It’s the law. 

With credit, do not claim art as your own. I understand the role that identification and relation plays in kinning, and it isn’t the same as roleplay. Same thing with fictives! That being said, roleplaying as my characters is not allowed.

I will always be open to any interpretation of a character. I meant this story for you, as a reader, so if headcanoning a character to possess a certain trait or identity allows you to feel seen, then your headcanon is valid. The only headcanons that are not valid are the ones erasing a minority’s identity, like whitewashing a BiPOC/POC character or erasing a character’s neurodiversity/LGBT status.